The best nonstick pan that lasts

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How to find a nonstick pan that stays nonstick

I think everyone can relate to having high hopes with every nonstick pan they buy only to have it lose its abilities within 3-6 months.

Many manufacturers promise a nonstick surface that no egg will stick to. And in fact many of them are correct, at first. Your eggs will not stick. Then little by little, that slick surface wears away or loses its ability due to high heat and the dishwasher (handwash your pans please!!), and eggs begin to stick slightly, then more, then even more when finally it's like cooking on a rough wood board that everything sticks to and you just end up tossing it.

This ends up being a costly chore and adds more to the landfills. So what can we do to stop this whole disposable nonstick pan cycle? I have some ideas and what is working for me for years now. That's right. I haven't had to replace a nonstick pan in years.

Which pans maintain a nonstick surface year after year?

Which types of pans retain their nonstick surface? Let me tell you which pans have worked with eggs. I use them as the example because this is what a big portion of people want nonstick pans for. Sure it's nice to not have sweet sauces sticking or for candy making, etc but the egg test is the holy grail of the nonstick pan test.

Favorite nonstick pan #1

This is one of the oldest pans known to man. The cast iron pan. they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and they are naturally nonstick once the surface has been properly seasoned. I have a Lodge griddle I use for crepes and omelets. I have a frying pay for eggs and other various frying needs. These pans are each about $20 and will last generations. Perhaps the best $20 you will ever spend.

In this post, I talk about how to clean cast iron.

Now, cast iron needs oil to cook. The surface will drink up fat so add more than you think you need when cooking something or it will begin to smoke. Think of it as a moisturizer for the pan. Very high heat is tolerated by cast iron but because it holds heat so well it's better to stick with medium or low heat when cooking. Give it time to heat properly before adding your eggs or other ingredients.

Cast iron fry pan with spatula and towel

Favorite non-stick pan #2

Next is a very impressive sauce pan and baking sheet. I make scrambled eggs in this saucepan near daily! I fry them in cast iron but scrambled eggs I love to make in a saucepan.

This is the circulon scratch defense line. It is hard anodized steel with no dangerous coatings that will flake off into your food. I bought this pan in 2017 and it's still nonstick!! I use it several times a week for more than just eggs.

circulon scratch devense

I also have the baking sheets, and while I haven't used them as long they work beautifully as well.

Now you still want to be sure to only hand wash with something gentle to preserve the surface but cleanup is a breeze when nothing is clinging to your pans.

best nonstick baking sheet

So these two pans are how I would steer you for lasting nonstick cooking day after day, year after year. No more disposable pans.

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